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Viraemia unveil new single “Gliobastoma”

Technical death metal group Viraemia have released a new single as promised titled “Gliobastoma” which is insane in every way imaginable.  It’s super groovy….obscenely technical and brutal.  The super sought out group seemed down and out for years after their landmark EP and it seemed like nothing would happen no matter what.  With the unfortunate events losing a few band members passing away, it felt like that was legitimately the end of the band.  Surprisingly…..the remaining artists decided to move on, and recruited new members.  I’m glad they’re doing their thing, and have a brand spanking new standalone single (as I’ve seen through the band, who knows if they have an EP or album set to release….but at least there’s something new!).  Recovering from the death of a bandmate is not easy, especially for bands who have been around for a handful of years or more.  Your bandmates basically become family, and so do their friends and family.  Check out this awesome song below and celebrate the return of a great technical band.  I’m sure a ton of you know of the single, but in the event you haven’t heard it…..well enjoy the shred.

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