Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 9-5-19

Wow….where did the summer go?  Did it ever arrive? Anyways, here’s some more music to check out in our weekly article of Try Something New Thursday.  We have done plenty of these since it’s birth in the beginning of the year.  Enjoy the tunes and we hope you support the bands we share with you today!


One of Eastbreath Records latest signings is Betrayal Crimson.  They’re a pretty good melodic death metal band, ironically on a label that is more tech (the Indonesian Artisan Era!) than anything for the most part.  The guitar harmonies and riffs are glorious, and the vocals are super varied with some good lows and even better mid and high gutturals giving your ears one heck of an experience.  Check out their demo below while we anxiously await a full length!


This gnarly instrumental progressive metal project released their album “Polytheria” within the past week and its quite an experience.  Vitaly Shemetovets puts on one heck of a performance on guitar, and its quite spectacular.  Add in some ambience and atmospheric elements, even more melody and groove….and you have this monster of an album.  It’s different than most instrumental prog albums, as those added keyboard and synth patches give his album a cinematic feel and approach in certain sections of his songs.  Listen to that album below!


The Artisan Era’s latest signing Singularity really rips hard.  They’re a symphonic technical death metal band that has never let me down in their short existence.  Every release gets better and the latest single  “Ritual Of Regret” is a serious banger.  Listen to that song and tell me you’re not impressed. There’s so many great bands on that record label they are probably the underdog band on that label right now if you ask me.  Their full length “Place Of Chains” will be out October 11th and theres all sorts of pre order goodies on their label’s website.  Listen to their EP “Void Walker” below which was my personal introduction to the band.


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