Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 9-12-19

Here are some more bands for you loyal followers to listen to this week in another edition of Try Something New Thursday.  Enjoy the music!  Check out our previous articles for new music before going forward.


One of my friends lent me the insanity of this cool band, thanks Mike! They’re a progressive metal band that is all over the place.  Their latest album “The Liberation” was just released last week on the 6th.  It’s kinda folky, all over the place progressive heaven, and a very emotional band….I really dig it.  Only thing I wish was heavier are the aggressive vocals, the death metal nerd in me wishing it were gutturals….but hey, it’s an amazing album nonetheless.  Great melodies, no cut and paste boring style….If you love prog rock and metal, art rock with a nice Opeth and NeO influence this band will rock your socks off.  Listen to that latest release below and tell me you’re not enamored!


OOF. Unique Leader Records killed this release, props on that signing.  These guys came out of nowhere for me and checked out this album just before it dropped this past week on the 6th.  They’re a super groovy band that throws in some surprising technical parts that throw you off guard in a good way.  Omophagia is death metal focused, but mix it up with some pretty mind blowing tech parts when they lock in a groove.  “646965” rips quickly at 35+ minutes making you put that son of a gun on repeat.  Do it and listen to that new album now!



Another new discovery for me this past week Eschaton is putting out a nasty, nasty album “Death Obsession”.  I pretty much said what I had to in our review linked above….awesome death metal, and just like Omophagia came out of nowhere for me.  That album is releasing tomorrow the 13th, by the way.  Check out the two songs released from the album to tide you over until tomorrow.


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