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Immanifest announce new album “Macrobial”

Symphonic blackened death metal outfit Immanifest are releasing their debut album “Macrobial” on November 8th through the Artisan Era.  The band also posted a teaser video today as well, new songs are pending so hold onto your arse.  The upcoming album is their first release since the 2010 EP “Qliphotic”.

Immanifest guitarist Anton comments on the album’s gradual evolution: “Although it was never properly announced, the band went on hiatus after initiating work on Macrobial in 2011. All tracks on Macrobial existed in demo form by that year. The main writers in the group had experimented and evolved the demos through the subsequent years, although with no concrete plan until 2016. In all reality, The Artisan Era reaching out was a major contributing factor to Macrobial coming to completion.”

Equal parts European extreme metal and American death metal, Macrobial is an impressive work of dark occultic art that combines symphonic black/death and bloodthirsty death metal together in a way all it’s own. The albums lengthy development is reflected in the expansive scope of Macrobial’s sound and the bands advanced songwriting acumen on display across its nine spellbinding tracks. Immanifest strongly recommends Macrobial for fans of groups such as Dimmu Borgir, Shadow of Intent, and Enfold Darkness.

Immanifest comments on the release of Macrobial:
“Macrobe was a term coined by Michael Tsarion – an Irish author, occult philosopher and lecturer – when describing the nature of entities contacted through supernatural rituals conducted by Dr. John Dee (mathematician, occult philosopher & advisor to Queen Elizabeth I) in the mid 16th century. Lyrically, the album explores this theme in a variety of ways including those of consciousness, death, astral travel, advanced and sequestered technology, and its weaponization through global war as a sacrificial blood ritual. Above all – the album describes a world submerged in a multi-dimensional wilderness, although deaf and blind to the influence of lifeforms that roam, explore, feed, and seek to experience what lay beyond their own dimensional horizons.”

Check out the teaser below if it tingles your pecker or clam!

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