Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 9-19-19

Hello internet! We are back to pester you with more new music to check out…..if you decide to do so.  Listen to our past suggestions before you check out today’s group of bands, okay?


Their self titled release caught my ears with their great mix of classic and modern death metal.  Their relentless attack is very awesome and is an impressive band out of Florida. Many great death metal bands were started in Florida….let’s see if Crypteria is in it for the long haul and added to that legendary list.  Listen to the band’s self titled release from last year below!


Canada is another hot spot for death metal (especially technical tunes) and The Flaying is another stellar band within a sea of great bands from that country.  The band’s sophomore release from this past March is quite an improvement from their debut.  Nasty, groovy and sludgy death metal with a little extra speed is the main focus of this group.  Give their latest album “Angry, Undead” a spin below.


Guitarist Frankie C. released an instrumental EP “Cellular Demascus” this past spring.  He is a melodic guitarist with a progressive influence that grabbed me from the get go.  Oh and his playthroughs are insanely entertaining to boot.  If you like a mature guitarist who isn’t playing fast to show off and adds serious flavor to his leads….give him a shot.  He’s a good player who deserves your attention.  Listen to the EP below!

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