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Crypteria Self Titled Album

Crypteria released their debut self titled album and I’m just getting around to it right now.  Dang, did I slack.  These guys pump out mind blowing, groovy and very heavy death metal.  They have creating neck breaking guitar riffs, killer vocals and drums staying true to their Florida roots when it comes to death metal.  It’s a quick record at just over 31 minutes, but you can keep it on repeat and go wild just like I did! I never got sick of it, and am extremely interested in their follow up.  “Crypteria” is a great debut for a new band and put the guys off to an absolutely blazing start to their music careers.




Austin Burleigh – Guitar
Rex Kirkland – Drums
Kevin McCombs – Bass
Bobby Warner – Vocals

Warner’s voice is a great combination of a classic and modern take on death metal making Crypteria a brutal choice for old and new school death metal headbangers.  Kevin and Rex’s rhythm work are the driving force behind this heavy band, no doubt.  I am extremely surprised with this band and glad I gave the guys a shot.  You never know with new bands, especially with a debut… can be really good, or really bad.  I’m proud to say its anything BUT bad, and would suggest this to anyone into extreme metal.  Grab the album here or on any digital platform.


Check out this killer playthrough of “Immersed In Emptiness”!

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