Death Metal

Accursed Spawn- Bhopal ’84

Accursed Spawn has released a single “Bhopal ’84” from their upcoming album “The Virulent Host” that will be released on March 30th through PRC Music.  These days, the internet gets darker and darker.  In my internet travels today though, I found something on the deep dark web that was awesome and something worthy to promote.  These Canadian headbangers bring the heat, and some pretty killer guitar solos.  They’re not a stereotypical old school death metal band, or a brutal death metal band with a predictable style.  Accursed Spawn brings a little more creativity to the table, to say the least.  The vocalist is pretty awesome (annunciation and understanding the vocalist! rare in death metal!) as is the rhythm, and stoked for this newish (they have an EP out, so this will be their first full length) band.  If you want to enjoy a slightly modernized take on death metal with some technicality, some sweet guitar work and some melody check out these dudes! Hope ya dig the new song! I’ll have to check out the rest of their tunes now! Cheers!

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