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October’s Artist Of The Month Is…..MURDER MADE GOD

After a few locals it’s time to bring it back to something far away (from the TMR headquarters at least) and still super heavy.  Greek tech metallers Murder Made God dropped on my radar towards the end of 2017 with their 2016 release “Enslaved”.  They’re a technical death metal 4 piece out of Greece (and no I didn’t choose them just because I have Medeterannian blood too!) that shreds HARD.  They’ve matured (especially in the songwriting area of their music) with their most recent album “Endless Return”.  Nothing against how good the first two albums are, they were focused with super fun and complex passages.  They have great riffs, nasty rhythms and great vocals too.  The latest LP offers a groovier sound, with a slight pump of the brake on the insane technicality.  They didn’t get boring, that’s a big heck no. Think of the early to mid 2000’s Decapitated if you’re a comparison snob (it really shines brightly in my opinion on “Endless Return”).


MMG has been working hard for over a decade and also signed to Unique Leader Records a handful of months ago and released “Endless Return”.  With a trio of releases now under their belt, this newer group is poised to make bigger waves in the metal world.  For the most part I’m pretty confident in our followers are educated when it comes to these chaps.  But incase you’ve been under a rock for a while now, enjoy some spooky and shreddy death metal with one song every day for you!



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