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Vulnificus- Invocation

Chaotic Brutal Death Metal group Vulnificus is releasing their EP “Invocation” June 10th and there is a stream I’ll be linking in our article for your listening pleasure that just dropped on Slam Worldwide. I’ve been following this band since last year and their progress all leading up to this day. It has a great set of vocals on the low end that I love and is perfect for brutal death metal. The guitar work is great as is the drumming and the EP is fast and groovy, it’s not heavily leaning towards one style. There’s an instrumental on the EP which pleasantly threw me off, and is unheard of in the genre (off the top of my head) which was a great surprise. If you love no nonsense brutal death metal with some chaotic riffing, super low vocals and energetic drumming “Invocation” will scratch that itch for you. It has all the ingredients for a stellar brutal death metal release and am impressed with the band’s release.

Every death metal fan and/or artist should be aware of Vulnificus and I hope I’m helping that with some quick thoughts on this EP. The band is signed to New Standard Elite (which boasts a stellar roster to say the least) as well. It’s brutal, a little slammy and a little technical. It should please any sort of fan of extreme metal. It’s well worth your time and definitely need to take the time out of your day to check this crushing EP.

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