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Exocrine- The Hybird Suns

Technical death metal’s most underappreciated band Exocrine is releasing another genre bending album this Friday June 17th “The Hybrid Suns”. The previous album “Maelstrom” even included some saxophone besides being heavy and complex. If you’re familiar with the band, you know what you’re getting into. Lots of groove, stellar songwriting and the such. There’s even some singing the band decided to try out this time around. What has made them so special is they do what they want, regardless of public opinion. That is what makes a great artist and Exocrine has further grown as a group with this upcoming album.

There’s even more dual guitar work this time around and man is it even more tasteful. The drumming is fast, intense and very flavorful. The backing keys and orchestra enhance the music, just like the most recent Soreption release. They fit perfectly like a tee and are not forced which is absolutely beautiful. When a band of this magnitude can do something like this (considering how fast and crazy their music is) it’s impressive. Exocrine won’t bore you ever and this album showcases the many turns they can take musically speaking. France houses some extremely impressive musicians and bands,this is another case to add to a very long list.

Exocrine continue to impress and has never ceased to amaze me with each release and this is on a whole other level. 2017’s “Ascension” caught my ear and the release in 2018 “Molten Giant” really hit home with me. “The Hybrid Suns” is their fifth release and it has been a pleasure to see them grow as artists. Stereotypically enough, the 5th release is their best release experimentally speaking while staying very heavy. Every song resides between 3 to 5 minutes so not only is it accessible but they crammed so much music into this album throughout 9 songs. It is so good, you have to listen to the album stream ahead of the release.

Overall this is a truly fantastic album that has crisp production, songwriting and is very concise. It’s a huge step forward for the band in their library and quite impressive. Whether you’re new to tech or a fan boy/girl, it’s gonna make you smile from ear to ear. The album will be released on Unique Leader Records. Check out that stream below to have your brains turned to mush!

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