July 2022’s Artist Of The Month is Massacre!

July’s featured band of the month is Massacre! Yes, the Florida band that has been around for decades since the 80’s. I only knew of them later last year and are a hidden gem for death metal. They’re faster, heavy as expected and shred hard. The vocals are in my favorite lower end but not brutal death metal low if you follow my drift. They also dropped an EP today “Mythos” I was totally unaware of sadly enough but in my defense there’s a lot more music released now than in the 90’s.

That EP proves the guys still have it and IMO are highly underappreciated in the genre and when talking about founding fathers of the style. The 1991 banger “From Beyond” is a staple in death metal and one of the band’s best offerings. They also released an album last year appropriately titled “Resurgence” since they’ve come back on the scene a few times.

They perfected their old school style of death metal and honestly love them more every listen. Die hards may know them but maybe our younger listeners don’t, or dudes like me that stumbled across them and wondered why I haven’t heard of them until 2021.

Anyways we will be putting up a song every day from their extensive catalog on our facebook page, follow our page and theirs for all sorts of goodies.



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