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Soreption- Jord

Soreption is releasing its anticipated album “Jord” this Friday June 10th. The last album “Monument Of The End” wasn’t bad by any means and had a handful of bangers. Guitarist Mikael Almgren exited and entered Ian Waye (who’s currently a live guitarist). I am not sure who wrote what songwriting wise, but Waye supposedly recorded the guitars on “Jord” outside of the guest leads (John Matos from Abiotic, Malcom Pugh of Inferi, Dean Lamb and Toby Morelli of Archspire and Joe Haley of Psycroptic). Also, the keyboards and orchestration have returned from the previous two full lengths that weren’t around on the last full length. Either way, this album will melt your mind (if there’s anything left after this complex, groovy and heavy release) to absolutely nothing. That alone brings a cinematic element back to the band that propels them to another level.

Not one song goes above 4 and a half minutes so the 8 songs total around 32 minutes so its a lot of music crammed into a complex and wild ride. Frederik’s voice is still top notch when it comes to death metal and proves yet again that he’s quietly (not literally quiet) one of the scene’s unsung heroes compared to larger names like Corpsegrinder, David Vincent and other death metal vocalists. He’s definitely one of my favorites and is a huge part of the band’s sound and wouldn’t place him too far off from said genre greats. Yes I understand I’m drooling over his voice and songwriting, but man he’s fucking killer.

The guitar work is juicy, creative and as previously stated a big improvement from the last release. Does it hold up to the first two full lengths and the EP (I only found out last year there was a four song EP before the two LP’s were released!)? Definitely! They are the Swedish Decapitated: groovy, technical and an important influential band to any death metal band. The rhythm is beyond mesmerizing between bassist Ricard Persson and drummer Tony Westmark. Tony’s drumming is killer with so many meaty fills while maintaining a stellar groove every song.

The band comments: “Our main focus, as it has been in every album since the beginning, is to write death metal with a blend of technicality and groove.  The goal is to raise those two elements’ more and more for every release. Finding that balance keeping the music interesting is important aspects when we write.”

What else can be said about a stellar band like Soreption that hasn’t been said already? Yes, they’re one of my favorites but it’s tough not to appreciate a great piece of art like “Jord”. They’re the perfect band to introduce to someone who isn’t familiar to tech death and has more than enough groove to keep them zoned in. Soreption’s formula has kept them in high regards to the genre, and this album is another great example. This album will be on repeat for a while and keep me buzzing. There’s something in the water in Sweden with music, maybe my guitar playing ass should drink some of their water aye?

My good friend Austin Weber on Metal Injection dropped the premiere yesterday, check out the embedded playlist to listen to this furious piece of death metal.

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