June 2022 Artist Of The Month Is Church Of Disgust!

Do you like grimy death metal with some shredly guitar leads? Church Of Disgust is right up your ally and might be new to you just like they are to me! They are June’s featured band and figured it also fits in well with their smashing new release. It’s always cool to check out new release lists and happened to give their latest album a spin “Weakest Is The Flesh”. To say I’m hooked is an understatement and once I eventually shake off the new album I’m diving into the back library.

There’s nothing fancy about COD, it’s just raw heavy and in your fucking face. It gets kinda fast at some points, so it’s varied a bit tempo wise. It’s a relentlessly heavy band with some great riffs that’ll make you stomp your foot and start a pit. Check out a track every day from the band on our facebook page all month long to get your death metal fix!



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