Weekly Round-up

Weekly Round up May 22

Last week was way too busy for me with 50+ hours and 5.5 days of work, and I’m still catching up on my lack of sleep so you kinda get two weeks worth of news and new music! So think of it as a B1G1 free sale at your favorite store?

Also a quick blurb that we now have a storefront! We launched it a few weeks ago and also have a 25% off code “25OFF” if you decide to purchase something! That discount is valid until the end of the month, so hurry if you want something at a discount! We have a decent variety of clothing to rep our brand if you choose to do so, and even a pillow! Check it out if that interests you!


Porcupine Tree have released another single from their upcoming album titled “Herd Culling”. The rumor on the street is that this edited 4 minute song is actually 7. Gather whatever you want from it but the meat of this song is great and have exceeded my expectations with the 3 songs released. Not every band that comes back after an extended absence has solid material, but there will be an exception here. Next month “Closure Continuation” will drop. The hype is real!


Avant Garde/Black Metal weirdos Imperial Triumphant have released a track “Maximalist Scream” from their upcoming new release “Spirt Of Ecstasy”. The album is slated to drop on July 22nd and oddly enough it’s a bit more straightforward than their most recent releases. The rest of the album is bound to be bonkers as usual, and the song even has a feature with Voivod’s Snake. Check it out below!


For the cavemen that follow our site, we have some awful news that brutal slamming death group Defleshed and Gutted has called it quits. Every band member has multiple projects and their attention is split into a few directions. It’s sad to see a stellar band who’s put out heavy jams and I personally felt they kept improving each release. Here’s a statement from the band a week ago:

It’s been 10yrs of existence and we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting DAG. Initially this was just supposed to be a 1 man project but it has evolved into this amazing group effort with this lineup being the most solid strongest input, recently though, it’s been difficult af being what we would perceive as an active , full blown band and with our other bands firing at all cylinders and making noise we have decided to step down as a band because we feel the end is inevitably here and maybe has been at our door for some time but we chose to be blind to that fact and keep going but now it feels right to acknowledge and let you all know we have decided to end DAG, to all the festivals/shows we were scheduled with we are sorry but will be dropping. to our label @viciousinstinctrecords thank you so much for being a great label to end our run with and we are grateful for dropping our sickest recordings w you! To @lord_of_the_sick_rec thanks for being a very professional label to start our career with you guys, all the best to everyone, to our supporters you’ve all been amazing and we are sorry we didn’t get to slam y’alls hometown, if we influenced anyone in any way then that alone is enough and we are grateful, we’ll see y’all in our other bands make sure to check out @crownofhornsofficial @apthscult @devourtheunborn and OBLATION. All these bands are working on new singles/full album drops, stay sick! TXDM!!


Septicflesh released a new album this past Friday “Modern Primitive” and I honestly enjoy it. To say I’m a dieahrd would be a lie, but occasionally I revisit their library, “Codex Omega” always has stood out since it’s release and really dig that album. It’s a heavy album that has some singing, is theatrical and symphonic as expected and still sounds fresh after all these years. After a few decades you know what to expect from Septicflesh and they really deliver with “Modern Primitive”. “Neuromancer” is my favorite song on the release as it has a bit of everything in their sound and also grooves really fucking hard. Check it out!


Soreption has relased another killer song “Artifical North” and their pending release is looking up to be even more promising. Don’t forget the band is participating with Suffocation, Atheist and Contrarian on a month plus long tour starting next week! The album “Jord” is due out next month and we won’t have to wait much longer for some sweet Swedish tech death jams.


Psycroptic has blessed us with a full length after two new songs a few years ago. It’s everything you’ve expected from the band but even riffier and heavier. “Divine Council” is slated to release August 5th and “Rend Asunder’ is a great track. They have consistently put out some stellar albums under for so long and this will be another stellar addition to their library.


Last and never least is the ever so underrated Exocrine who dropped another jaw dropping song “Dying Light” from their upcoming album “The Hybrid Suns”. The bands quick, technical fury sound has evolved even further the last few releases including some brass instruments on the last album “Maelstrom”. They keep experimenting and pushing the genre of technical death metal and are a refreshing band who’s really trying. The band including some singing in their latest song and after two singles will really turn some heads in our community. I really dig both tracks and am more excited to hear the whole offering.


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