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Weekly Round up May 7th 2022

I hope everyone has been enjoying our new news styled series as some views have been increased, so somebody is enjoying them to an extent i believe? Just like our site, the mission is to try to promote some smaller or lesser known bands (even indie or DIY) […]

Weekly Round up April 29th

Welcome back to our second edition of the weekly round up with all sorts of new songs and news for everyone. First off Fallujah is back with a new vocalist and Evan Brewer recording bass for their upcoming album “Empyrean”. The band released a new song Wednesday “Radiant […]

Weekly Round-up April 15th 2022

Our brand new Editor started a concept about a weekly summary, and figured I’d carry the torch. This is something we’re going to do with more news of music, announcements, releases, playthroughs, tours and some mini reviews. I think posting separate articles is tedious unless its a super […]