Weekly Round-up

Weekly Round up May 7th 2022

I hope everyone has been enjoying our new news styled series as some views have been increased, so somebody is enjoying them to an extent i believe? Just like our site, the mission is to try to promote some smaller or lesser known bands (even indie or DIY) to people that may not know them. Today I’m adding some short “reviews” to the series of a paragraph or two instead of a full fledged article. We just hope we’re getting some eyes on the bands, music, tours and general news we want to share you have missed or found a tour/song/album you may not have seen with how much stuff is released weekly or missed at our announcement. Enough with my rambling, here’s some news and music we wanted to include for this week!

Tech death/deathcore band 13 Thrones released their EP “Flesh Of The King” this past week on the 3rd. I checked out a track from it “Curator Of Madness”. Great guitar riffs and super groovy rhythms too on top of being wildly heavy. The vocals are awesome as well mainly residing on the lower end of the guttural scale. It adds a great touch to the music the band provides, and there’s a slight modern deathcore touch that appeals to both older and newer fans. Definitely worth your time checking this slamming, brutal, techy release out its barely 20 minutes of your time if that. Check out the single below and if you enjoy what you hear the EP is available to stream and check out online!


Death metal outfit Cosmic Putrefaction released their new album Friday “Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones” and didn’t even know there was a pending release! Forgive me, new music and releases pop up so quickly it’s tough to keep up in this age compared to the 90’s when stuff stealth dropped. If you don’t know the band’s style it’s a nice nod to the “old school” style with a nice blackened touch to the point where it’s not 100% DM. Some tracks are a bit larger at 5-7 minutes some songs but as a prog/tech kid who’s not always on DM kicks that doesn’t bug me. It’s a stellar album with better riffs, songwriting and even better vocals this time around. It’s well worth your time if you like your DM with a bit of a blackened touch and I even heard some backing keys/synth in some sections.


Organectomy released a groovy new track “Concrete” this past week in support of their upcoming release “Nail Below Nail”. It’s everything you want from the band and then some for sure. They’re still ripping, groovy, vocally dominant with Alex fronting the band and prove again why they’re one of the better brutal/slam bands going right now. I’m sure a good amount of our followers have heard the news and song, but incase you haven’t here’s that said song. It’s so damn good, and am curious to see if its any better than that grotesque debut and the sophomore album “Existential Disconnect” which I love to this day 3 years later.


Last and never least, prog rock legends Porcupine Tree are back together and wrote an album during covid! Yes they are actually coming to North America for select dates that I’m going to share below if you haven’t heard already. The two new songs sound stellar and I’m very intrigued they finally got back together. With Steven’s heavy workload between his solo band, score work and album remixing business (now a book release as well) I’m not sure they will do many shows after this even another album. The real bit of news is the band announced guitarist Randy McStine and bassist Nate Navarro will complete the lineup for said live shows. I’m glad Steven and Gavin are back jamming, reworking the classics and also adding in some new songs to these shows. I’m definitely trying to go to the Toronto show and they will be going out in September this year. Try to catch a show if you can, I’m assuming it’s just the band so hopefully it will be a 2ish hour set if we’re lucky. If you live outside of North America, there is another run happening for the rest of the world in October and November including a date in Mexico let alone Europe. You can hit the link below to check the dates and prices for both legs of the tour.


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