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Dischordia is our May 2022 Artist Of The Month!

As you can tell by the title, Dischordia is our featured artist of May 2022! They recently signed to Transcending Obscurity Records and released a monstrous album “Triptych” this past week as well.

The trio has been working hard on their sound and 2018’s “Binge/Purge” was a wildly adventurous 2 song EP clocking in at just under a half hour. They went even further with random instruments beside the flute with a filing cabinet, a slam ball and other wild stuff dads can find that make noise. I’m sure a good amount of our followers know of them but in the larger scheme of things I wish they were. If Gorguts was less serious and much goofier, this would be the American counterpart. I have nothing but the best to speak of the trio and their hilarious personalities and couldn’t be any happier for them.

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