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Dischordia- Triptych

Dischordia is releasing their ambitious full length “Triptych” on Transcending Obscurity Reccords later this month on the 29th. This album falls short of nothing and improves on the two song journey “Binge/Purge” from 4 years ago that still holds as my personal favorite. They added even more dissonance, weird shit and New Balance sneakers to their closets. These dads are not messing around and it shows with filing cabinets, a slam ball and wrenches. Does it get more fatherly than that? Finding random objects and passing them off as musical instruments? All we need is a sample of their children crying and we’re set! Blending more dissonance, brutality and some technical passages into one album is absolutely splendid like a new slab of Gorguts (COME ON LUC GET ON IT!) I’m glad the guys are on a record label that promotes some great underground extreme metal and Dischordia is one of the most unique bands on their roster now. As much as I loved the EP with 2 songs at a dozen minute each, “Triptych” expands on it to a full length concept. And yes, phone-tastic frontman Josh Turner uses his little flute in some passages as well. His voice is still as sexy as ever.

Why does Dischordia kick so much ass? They don’t take themselves seriously and laugh at themselves and with their fans like my dumb self. Do they work hard? Check out their music, it’s some of the most unique stuff in death metal right now. They didn’t sacrifice their core brutality and start singing or doing ballads; But that might happen by the time they hit their late 40’s turn around (gotta pay off their houses sooner than later, right homeowners?). A band that writes unique music and has a personality is a huge plus for me and shows the humility of the trio as well.

Keeno’s riffs on guitar are as heavy as ever and throws in a lot of cool licks and clean passages between the heaviness. The clean parts are nice with Turner’s flute sections and shows their musical influences outside of extreme metal. Josh Fallin’s drumming is monstrous, aggressive and intelligent to where he ramps it up with fills when he has to and holds a groove as well. It is always best to play what fits your composition best, rather than writing complex music for the sake of it.

Dads in black.

Dischordia is very underappreciated and one of extreme metal’s best secrets. Help the guys feed their families and stick around for a bit by buying a jacket or even a coffee mug! Check out the link below for the wide variety of pre order options. This is their most mature release to date and the artwork is beautiful as well. Again the album drops the 29th of this month and “Triptych” is best suited for metal heads with adventurous ears looking for something different.

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