Weekly Round-up

Weekly Round up April 29th

Welcome back to our second edition of the weekly round up with all sorts of new songs and news for everyone.

First off Fallujah is back with a new vocalist and Evan Brewer recording bass for their upcoming album “Empyrean”. The band released a new song Wednesday “Radiant Ascension” and is their best song in a while. I couldn’t personally get into the previous release, as I kinda thought the music wasn’t the greatest and the vocals didn’t fit the sound of the band. There’s even some singing on chorus, but isn’t too dramatic of a change if you catch my drift. It’s the classic atmospheric, technical, chaotic Fallujah we have grown to love and know with a few extra additions. The album is releasing September 9th on Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the monstrous track below!

Swedish tech death giants Soreption released the title track off their upcoming album “Dod Jord”. It’s a groovy, technical crusher as expected from the band. I definitely think it’s a step up from the previous release, and guitarist Mikael Almgren has left the band and Ian Waye has replaced him on guitar. Also, the band left Sumerian Records to return to Unique Leader Records. Check out the song below.

Speaking of Soreption, you can catch them with Contrarian and Atheist supporting Suffocation in May and June!

Solus Ex Inferis released a brutal and technical EP recently “Exogenesis”. It grooves hard and doesnt lack any brutality whatsoever. They have always rendered a good sound with foot tapping rhythms and some wild parts but this EP might be my favorite release of theirs yet. Check it out below you won’t regret it!

Carrion Vael also signed to Unique Leader Records after releasing a melodic technical shredder “Wings Of Deliverance”. It’s everything you expected from them if you’re familiar with them but on a whole other level of brutality. You like a combo of this in a death metal band? Give this new song a try from CV and i’m sure you’ll be intrigued.

To finish this week’s article there’s another stacked tour happening in May and June. Rivers of Nihil is taking out Fallujah, Alluvial and Warforged! The Zenith Passage, Burial In The Sky and even Hypocrisy hop on a few dates as well. You won’t wanna miss this one if you can afford to go! We’re here to break the news to you and here’s a tour package that is very diverse to boot!

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