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Enragement- Atrocities

Finnish brutal death metal band Enragement is releasing their third album this Friday April 29th via Rising Nemesis Records. This is my first exposure to the band and boy is it a treat. They have accomplished something a bit different than your average extreme metal band with “Atrocities”. It is a bit technical at times with some wild drum work and guitar riffs to compliment the wide range of vocals. Some bands want to be over the top in death metal, and others just want to find some awesome grooves. Enragement does both while fully engaging myself and kept craving more every time.

Enragement comments on the upcoming release:

“Hideous portrayals of what lies beneath civilization, Atrocities describes monstrous true events throughout the history of mankind, from ancient to recent. Each song is a representation of acts whose cruelty extends beyond imagination – acts that seem to occur more frequently than we dare believe. This is the epitome of human suffering.

Musically, Enragement combines the intensity of brutal, technical, and slamming death metal with twists and turns from a diverse range of other extreme metal genres. Depending on the song, a perceptive listener can distinguish the cacophony of black metal, the grim atmosphere of doom metal, and the sheer fury of grindcore intricately weaved into the neck-breaking foundation of death metal.

No matter how unthinkably gruesome they may seem, each song on Atrocities is based on true events. Regardless of how deep you dive into imaginary evil, fantasy never overcomes the sickness of reality. The malevolence of man knows no boundaries.”

If you want a band to keep you guessing at every corner while never letting their foot off the pedal Enragement best suits that need. “Atrocities” sacrifices nothing and demolishes everything in its path, while maintaining a true heavy sound. Laser fast blast beats and tremelo riffs lead into groovy brutal death metal slams that seamlessly flows ever so well. What more do you want out of a metal band? They deliver on every aspect you need out of one and even have some great guitar solos (a rarity in brutal death metal!).

This was quite a treat as my first exposure to Enragaement and highly suggest them most notably this album. Rising Nemesis Records also continues to house many up and coming extreme metal acts and Enragement is another name to add to their impressive roster. Don’t forget this album drops in a few short days this Friday!

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