Album Review

Black Matter Device – Autonomous Weapons (Dark Trail Records, 2022)

I’m gonna keep this one short, as 4/20 was this week and I’ve smoked myself absolutely stupid. It was for work, don’t question it.

Artwork by Black Matter Device

Black Matter Device has been grinding their way to the top of the (recently thriving) mathcore scene for years. Their last album, Hostile Architecture, is a staple of modern chaotic hardcore, and got them press coverage on some well-known sites like Brooklyn Vegan. I’ve heard this band compared to legends like The Dillinger Escape Plan, some of their peers like The Callous Daoboys, and nearly everything in between. After dozens of listens to BMD’s third full-length record, these comparisons make more sense than ever. Yet for all of the influences that they proudly display, Black Matter Device stands head-and-shoulders above most in the genre. BMD displays a prowess for songwriting that most hardcore bands lack entirely. Every song on this album is an absolute banger and I will refuse to ever pick a singular favorite. The whole thing is my favorite.


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