Weekly Round-up

Weekly Round-up April 15th 2022

Our brand new Editor started a concept about a weekly summary, and figured I’d carry the torch. This is something we’re going to do with more news of music, announcements, releases, playthroughs, tours and some mini reviews. I think posting separate articles is tedious unless its a super notable band you can flesh out a few paragraphs for at the least. We will forget things since stuff happens daily, but we are targeting weekend articles. This one is a bit heavy on the slam side, but there’s some new stuff for most of what we cover.

Atoll has a new disgusting EP “Prepuce”” that dropped today on their new record label Unique Leader Records! It’s riffy and heavy as usual, and the vocals are dramatically improved. Check out a few songs below if it floats your boat!

The Haarp Machine also have another new song out. The band has been in an interesting spot lately, with founder Mohammed giving vocals a try for some of the newer songs, then found a vocalist for the last song “The Nadir”. Now, there’s a song called “Bleak” that I found after work that isn’t half bad. It’s been a long time since the debut and a few songs after then, and well COVID. I wonder what is going to happen with the band if he finds musicians to play shows or if it’s a studio thing. Either way it has some good songwriting and decent vocals as well, guitar work is good as usual. There is also another song called “Forsaken” that dropped today! Check out the songs and give us your two cents on it!

Greylotus has signed with the Artisan Era and dropped a new track “Azure Rain”. It features a plethora of artists especially some notable artists in Sanjay Kumar, Drewsif Reynolds (who plays bass in this band) and Ben Towles. Matt from Wormhole is on drums and Lee Mintz on vocals rounds out the lineup. It’s a tech/prog dream that also includes some singing. I’ll admit it didn’t blow me away at first but grows on me with every listen. Check out “Azure Rain” now!

Blackened death metal legends Belphegor (big favorite of mine) are back with a new album due out late June “Devils” and the first single “Totentanz Dance Macabre” dropped today too. I don”t like a ton of black metal but Belphegor has flawlessly blended black and death metal to a point to where I even love it. Some higher pitched vocals this time around, and David Diepold was recruited to record drums on the album. Check this blast fest out!

Rounding out the new music roundup, tech wizards Exocrine have dropped a face melting track this week as well “The Hybrid Suns” from their upcoming album with the same name. They’ve always pushed the musical boundaries adding in some interesting instruments with their last album “Maelstrom”. This one is a straight fast, face melting, heavy song that is to the point asome synth/keys join the party as well.

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