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Internal Organs External “The Brutality Of Tomorrow”

One man slamming brutal death metal project IOE released his latest ass beater this past Friday “The Brutality Of Tomorrow” through Vicious Instinct Records and man is it my favorite in the library. It’s everything you expected, but even fresher. The vocals are on point as usual, with the grooviest slamming riffs you can think of in 2022. I don’t always appreciated forced electronics and bass drops, but the periodical moments on the album really add a ton of flavor It’s well produced and nothing takes up too much of the mix, and nothing bugs me (maybe just wish the bass was up a bit more in the mix?). Overall, it’s a damn solid 2022 slam album.

There are many different styles and tones of vocals, so it’s far from a vocal monotony if you get my drift. I think this release will highly go under the radar in the genre, and well I hope this little mini review will help propel it a bit further. At 36 minutes, it gets the job done. Not much reason for a brutal album to be super long and IMO the 30’s is the best run time for an album of this magnitude.

What’s next for IOE? Well what I know is he’s outdone himself and the next album will have to be even more monstrous. It’s definitely one of my favorite slam albums for this year and enthusiasts should give it a shot. Support it by grabbing some merch off their label Vicious Instinct Records. I can confirm the quality as I’ve gotten a ton of long sleeves and shorts (some sweats too) from them. (Use code BOO31 for 31% off your order all October if you want some TMR merch!)

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