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Temple Of Void Is Our October 2022 Artist Of The Month!

I have been on a huge disso and death doom binge for a few weeks now and one of many great death/doom bands Temple Of Void has caught my attention since their summer release of “Summoning The Slayer”. I’ve been off and on with it, to be honest. It grows better with every listen and is a very articulate death/doom record with some amazingly controlled low end growls. They’re not the heaviest growls you’ll hear, but they fit their melancholy and heavy sound perfectly to a tee. There’s some stellar riffs, and yes even some melodic lines that throw you off your usual experience in the genre. They have released a handful of albums to this date in 2022, but man STS is their finest hour.

If you want an ethereal, monstrous, slower and different death metal experience Temple Of The Void is a great choice. Everyone compliments each other so well that nobody in the band steals the spotlight, and IMO that’s how a band should be COHESIVE. It”s a team thing after all, right? Anyways we will have a TOV song every day on our facebook page for your listening pleasure. If you haven’t heard of them I strongly suggest you give them a shot. (use code BOO31 for 31% off your order for all of October! grab some TMR merch!)

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