Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 8-22-19

It’s that time of the week again…’s Thursday! Hopefully you listen to the bands we throw your way today in another rendition of Try Something New Thursday.  Enjoy the music and also go browse through our previous editions of TSNT right here!


Canada’s own product Varius really impressed me at a show last month in St. Catharine’s opening up for Beyond Creation.  They’re a melodic death metal band with a lot of other influences throw in there for good measure to keep you off balance.  One thing I know for sure is that they’re great.  The guitar riffs are tasty, it’s plenty heavy, energetic vocals and gnarly rhythms encompass the sound of Varius.  The band released an EP “The Great Tribulation” this past April.  Listen to that progressive, melodic death metal goodness below to decide for yourself.


This insane one man project of Hal Microutsicos is legitimately bonkers.  This death metal fiend is property of Everlasting Spew Records another great record label signing stellar metal acts these days.  Engulf provides a sound in the classic sense of death metal with some wild rhythms that beef up their nasty sound.  How one human being creates such a great project is ridiculous.  All the music, lyrics and yes even production is done by Hal… outside help.  Holy shit! You can check out both of his current EP’s “Gold And Rust” and “Subsumed Atrocities” below.  Oh, and he is putting forth another release “Transcend” coming out September 20th.  The lead single “Bane Of Fire” was just released and you can listen to that as well. Enjoy!


Progressive Rock newcomers Coma Rossi crafted a strong and mature self titled release.  This melodic band brought forth a widely unique and powerful 9 song album you need to listen to now.  India has been producing some great young bands of many genres and Coma Rossi is no different.  Listen to that album below if you’re into the prog life, bitches.


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