Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 1-23-20

We are back to share some more new music with you all today on our weekly article!  Before we begin check out our old editions first!


These guys recently signed onto the Artisan Era and are releasing their first full length on that label “Emergence” on April 20th!  Their EP was released in…….2011.  Needless to say the band has been busy in other projects and have played shows since then.  After some years, we received this news and are thrilled!  If you love a blackened take on melodic tech-death with sweet grooves you’ll definitely enjoy Symbolik!  Check out their EP and a teaser video for that full length below!



These guys have been around for a handful of years and bring a unique form of progressive death metal to the masses.  The guys have been hinting at a new song and are hopefully getting something in the coming days.  There is a Spring goal for their next album and I will put a player below for you to listen to 2017’s album “The Passenger”.  Crushing riffs and vocals, soaring melodies and intense drumming keep me coming back for more of this fine Canadian music.  Listen below if you want to!


I believe a lot of people in the prog/tech circle are fairly familiar with Dark Matter Secret but may not know the guitarist’s solo efforts under his own name.  Denis is a fantastic guitarist and struts his stuff in a different way on his material, more melodic and not as heavy as DMS.  He is one of the best guitarists around today and his last release “Dreamology” honestly showcases that.   If you love all of the above, you will dive head first into his material.  Listen to that album below!

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