Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 1-16-20

We are back after last week’s absence with my laptop acting all funky on wordpress.  Before we dive into some new tunes and bands, check out our old editions right here!



Boston’s Instrumental shredders Myth Of I recently signed onto the Artisan Era and plan on a new release this year!  The four piece brings a super unique talent that isn’t like many bands in the insturmental genre.  MOI adds a lot more clean and jazzy sections, with that modern melodic metal djenty touch as well.  TAE generally signs a lot of technical/prog/death metal and this is their second instrumental band on their roster, as it seems they are expanding their realms!  You can check out their last release from 2017 below “S.T.E.M” while we await new music from the boys!


Machines Of Man have been on my radar for a few years since I heard the wildly entertaining track “I Am The Colossus”.   Imagine an even more melodic BTBAM that’s just as kooky and you have these guys!   MOM is a great young band in the modern progressive metal scene and “Dreamstates” definitely is a mind blowing, emotional album you need to listen now.  Trust me on this one, you will kick yourself for missing out on this great band.  Check out that album below!


If you live for classic, raw, heavy ass death metal Nocturnus A.D. should be in your musical cross hairs if they aren’t already!   “Paradox” was one of the better OSDM releaases from last year and I find myself coming back to it when that itch needs to be scratched.  Listen to that album below in the embedded player!

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