Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-5-20

We are back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! Check out our old articles of this series before venturing on.  You might find something you may enjoy!


Ohio’s death metal maniacs Regurgitation are an insane, straight forward and in your face band.  They sure don’t mess around and their album “Tales Of Necrophilia” is definitely one of the heaviest albums I’ve heard from the genre in the last few years.  The band doesn’t woo you with insane technical prowess, they just come right at you with their heaviest songs and most vile sets of lyrics.  The vocals are great and extremely low, so if you’re a fan of consistent vocals (like I tend to be as well) they will hit that spot home for you for sure.  Check out that album below!



We’ve suggested Svengahli recently, and we’re dropping the news Alex Weber’s brainchild premiered their release today.  This guy is much more than bassist, he plays guitar writes music and lyrics as well……he’s far from a scrub.  He also played bass on that nasty Wormhole album “The Weakest Among Us”, and also is in a few other great bands Exist and Wait.  He legitimately does it all, and that’s still an understatement.  Every band of his is different and Svengahli is just another masterpiece to his unique experimental sound.  Anup Sastry did the drum programming, Charlie Eron handled keyboard duties and Matt Rossa played the guitar parts.  It’s a mind blowing release and just go ahead and listen to the album which is officially out tomorrow.  Support this great project!



Capping off this brutal trio is Indonesia’s Neptunus who released their full length album “Planetary Annihilation” recently on their new record label Miasma Records/Vomit Your Shirt.  The 2018 EP “Alien Conspiracy” blew my mind and I’ve kept tabs on the band ever since.  It’s no shocker I’m a big supporter of the Indonesian music scene, considering there are a ton of countries on the other side of the world too westerners!  If you enjoy overblown tech death with a huge Rings of Saturn influence without the douchebaggery of Lucas Mann Neptunus is calling you.  Dive into that album head first son!

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