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Sutrah- Aletheia

One of Experimental Metal’s sought after newcomers Sutrah have given us one heck of a follow up to their 2017 debut “Dunes” many of us thought we wouldn’t get.  Sutrah is different than a lot of the bands nowadays in the progressive and technical genres in many ways.  They’re a lot more artistic, melodic, and also layer their music differently.  It isn’t a talent show of who can play the faster or write the most complex/borderline unplayable parts, it’s about putting your best foot forward without overdoing it.  And that glorious day has arrived, with their “Aletheia” EP coming out this Friday March 13th.

The band has also recently signed to The Artisan Era and this will be their first release on their new record label as well!  “Aletheia” gives us a great look inside the creative minds of Sutrah, but with some blackened death metal influences this time around.  Speaking of their debut, The Artisan Era is releasing it on both vinyl and CD so if you love it now is the time to put your order in!  Sutrah has always hit me as a different band in a good way, and that’s what their EP exactly is.  It’s a bit more moody and atmospheric in comparison to “Dunes”.  It’s a great 4 track EP with a mind blowing 16 minute closer “Genese” that musically sums up their upcoming release to a tee.

The music blends so well together I’m not surprised in any fashion.  This release isn’t driven by a certain aspect or strength (let’s be honest Sutrah has no weakness), but in fact works together as a cohesive unit on every song.  It’s written so precisely and specifically nobody really dominates any song, and that’s what kind of great talent you can expect from Sutrah.

If you have never heard of Sutrah and are interested you might want to give them a chance to say the least.  They are a newer band and will only continue to get better with every release and “Aletheia” is great on every level.  They’re heavy, melodic, unpredictable, a bit weird, and create all sorts of different moods in their music.  Sutrah is a truly phenomenal band and this EP is a good representation of it.

You can listen to the EP below as the band launched a stream yesterday ahead of time with Decibel Magazine.  Trust me, you won’t regret this half hour of greatness.

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