Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-20-20

Hello internet! We have some more new tunes for our followers to listen to with this new  weekly edition of Try Something New Thursday.  Today, we have some interesting music you won’t want to miss for sure.  Check out our old articles of this series before you listen to today’s suggestions.


Mac from Krosis suggested this band, and boy did I fall in love with it.  I can’t take credit for a discovery that wasn’t mine, I’m an honest Abe.  If you love unusual black metal with a ton of different sounds, you’ll love these guys.  They have a handful of releases and a pretty impressive following as well.  If you’re a trve kvlt black metal lover, you’re gonna despise this group so speed past this section of the article if that’s how you roll.  If not, you have one hell of a surprise in store for you.  The band classifies themselves as “horror metal”, but I can’t even begin to describe the different influences you hear in their music.  It’s still very heavy and has black metal’s general characteristics…..just a lot and I mean A LOT more thrown in.  It’s very cinematic, melodic, and yes there’s singing classical influences heck even some keys and strings as well!  CA is all over the place, almost like how Imperial Triumphant is but not THAT unusual.  Their vast array of sound captured me, and yes it’s totally acceptable for melody in extreme music especially black metal!  I fell for this band because they’re also a well produced black metal band that goes against the stereotype of the genre.

They have 5 releases to date and just announced their upcoming album will be out in May.  My personal favorite (of the two I’ve heard so far and on my third album of theirs, and I’m currently listening to the debut “Where The Corpses Sink Forever”) of theirs I’m linking below “This Is No Fairytale”.  That could change after I listen to the rest of the library, but for now this release best showcases their diverse influence as artists and possibly their best I’ve heard so far.  Enjoy!


We’ve promoted our Buffalo grindcore guys before, but damn I can’t honestly be any prouder of them.  They’re a group of older lads who just love extreme metal.  Heck, they’ve been touring whether as a main act or supporting act for periods at a time.  That isn’t easy for smaller bands to do, especially out of our area.  They’re ridiculously heavy, fun, and chill to be around as well.  They never put on a bad show every time I’ve seen them and I’m glad Buffalo has some good extreme metal to boast about.  If one band is representing us well and made it outside of Western New York I’m ridiculously happy it’s Anthropic (along with Inertia who’s done a ton of stuff outside of Buffalo recently and Gutted Alive from Rochester has done some lengthy tours as well).  If you love to grind, Antrhopic will tickle your taint.  Go listen to their aggression and pure rage.  Seriously.



If you’re a diehard fan of TSNT (I highly doubt it but if you are then high five!)  you might realize The Arbitrary is another band we’ve promoted in the past.  #1, they’re coming to our neck of the woods in Buffalo with Neil Zaza soon as I’ve been into this band for a few years now.  #2, they just released a new single I’m here to help promote.  The instrumental prog/djent group released “Arrival” and it RIPS.  There’s a ton of groove in the band’s library, and a lot of awesome melodies and guitar solos.  “Arrival” is the quicker, no nonsense version of The Arbitrary.  Chocked full of awesome riffs and a rather quick song, it’s bound to have some awesome music.  If you love modern prog metal you’ll dig this band.  If you want to check them out live, go to one of their shows on tour starting very shortly!  The new song “Arrival” will be posted below as well.



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