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March’s Artist Of The Month Is Intronaut!

Flying undeservingly low on the prog radar are our unsung artistic heroes better known as Intronaut.  I’ve enjoyed their style for years since they blew my peabrain mind with their 2015 release “The Direction Of Last Things”.  I’ve always thought they never got the true respect they’ve earned being on the scene for almost two decades now believe it or not.  They are similar to The Ocean in that regard as being a huge sleeper in the genre with modern greats like Between The Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders, Opeth, Periphery and countless other groups of the such.  There’s tons of hard working and equally as talented bands that have just happened to attract more listeners than Intronaut at a time where the progressive genre was blowing up, and it always bummed me they weren’t always headlining more tours.  Their riffs are so varied, I’ve always dug the vocals and their ability to never repeat themselves musically is amazing.  Considering what happened to their ex drummer they could have easily folded as a band.  That resilience kicked in and spent a little time finding someone to record drums for their latest release “Fluid Existential Inversions” where Alex Rudinger came into save the day on drums.  I’m sure a good amount of are followers are familiar with this great band and probably don’t need a reminder, but hell good press and exposure is good….right?  Check back on our page all month long for your daily Intronaut jams.


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