Lumenwood Official Premiere Of “Vault Of The Augur”

Lumenwood is debuting their single “Vault Of The Augur” today with us from their upcoming debut EP “Eldritch Rites”.  The track features a monster guitar solo by Phil of First Fragment (and the 30 other projects he’s involved in) and guest keyboard and theremin tracks by Jimmy Pitts (NYN and Equipoise.).  It also includes guest vocals from Adrian of Warforged. This supergroup is as kooky, proggy and experimental as it gets.  There’s orchestration, violin/viola and all sorts of keyboard tracks.  It’s a wholesome musical experience unlike nothing else.  The band features Levi of The Ritual Aura on guitar and orchestration, Adrianna Tentori on clean vocals, Brandon Iocavella on guitars (The Ritual Aura, Proliferation), Zac Kay on bass, Dan Grainger on drums and Ryan Cho on violin/viola.  It’s a wild and amazing song that will fill your craving for something new, wild, amazing and really artistic.  Based off this track, I think the rest of the EP will be just as cool.  Enjoy the track and don’t forget to keep this cool project on your radar!

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