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Ingested- Call Of The Void

Brutal Death Metal/Slam monsters Ingested released a great album last year “The Level Above Human” that I thoroughly enjoyed.  And was recently aware the guys are releasing an EP already! “Call Of The Void” will be out June 14th through their label Unique Leader Records.  The band’s energy never ceases to amaze me…..ever.  Ingested just easily pumps me up and fills me with an endless amount of energy.  I just can’t describe it but I do know they are pretty great.  This upcoming EP proves their self proclaimed “Slam Kings” throne to the max, and with a bit of more insanity than the norm.  They have already release a song from the EP, titled “Mouth Of The Abyss”.

Ingested didn’t release an EP just to release something, it’s still the same old Ingested but with an even darker sound and a bit atmospheric.  There’s even some guitar solos! Don’t worry its still heavy as heck, trust me on this one.  The British death metal group brings seriously brutality and groove with “Call Of The Void”.



Jason Evans – Vocals
Sean Hynes – Guitar
Sam Yates – Guitar
Bradley Fuller – Bass
Lyn Jeffs – Drums

One of my favorite things about the band is Evans’ vocals.  His range is so wide and fits the bands sound PERFECTLY….and I mean absolutely perfectly.  His energy helps drive the band to indescribable atmospheres not many death metal bands can achieve…’s seriously awesome.  The riffs are fresh, and the drumming is more powerful than normal from Jeffs on the drum kit.  Fuller’s rumbling bass adds a whole lot to the intensity as well.  It’s a great EP to show someone interested into getting into modern death metal.  On a side note….the band recorded this offering with CHRISTIAN DONALDSON (Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre).  They didn’t grab your normal producer, he’s a legitimate death metal icon.  And yes, the production is very fresh.  Donaldson helped achieve the atmospheric goals that Ingested wanted to accomplish on “Call Of The Void”.


Definitely pre order this EP, as it’s another stellar output from the Ingested guys.  They will absolutely destroy whatever is left within your soul that’s guaranteed.

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