Blackened Death Metal

Unbowed release “Home”

Unbowed has released another single titled “Home”.  You can listen to their previous single  “The Athem Of I” at this link to get up to par with their new(er) releases.  They impressed me mightily at the show with First Fragment with their plethora of many sounds I kept tabs on them.  They’re melodic, have death metal moments, some hints of black metal and slightly modernized.  There’s also singing…..point is, they’re very versed and have a very wide original sound.  “Home” is a combination of everything but equally as melodic as some of their past work.  Unbowed is becoming a band that writes extremely beautiful melodies and sections, but is still heavy and haunting. I really love this band and more people should know of this very stellar up and coming band.  Check out the fresh track below!

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