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Dave’s Metal Journey- Death Metal 4th Wave

I’m back with the last batch of bands that I discovered within the genre of death metal.  This is my last group of bands for the series, and some you may not have heard of so I’ll be supplying some links this time.  In comparison to the first 3 articles these groups are definitely newer and not as prominent (yet!) in the genre.  If you’re curious about my personal journey down death metal avenue, here is my last feature on it!   Next genre….I’m not sure what one I will tackle next, so that will be a mystery to me as well!


This band is clearly one of my favorites and I show it.  Their creative knack drew me in with their black sheep album “Calling From A Dream”.  I love the dynamic between a female vocalist and male growling, and was sucked in.  There’s lots of people that don’t believe in singing in death metal, and in fact if it’s good it’s good (in my world at last).  Not a lot of people appreciate that album for that reason (personally that I’ve seen at least) and write it off.  It was only the tip of the iceberg for my discovery of Inanimate Existence.  The great guitar work, drumming, lyrics…..well everything is why I deeply respect this band.  Their artwork is always up to par (especially the latest album Clockwork holy moly) and have actual meaning and themes behind their music! A lot of death metal is stereotypically about gore, rape, random sexual references and anything disgusting you can possibly piece together.  It’s just the nature of the genre, and sometimes can get ridiculous to be honest.  IE on the other hand has actual meaning and themes behind their lyrics and music, which is obviously super refreshing within the genre.  I first saw them last summer in Tonawanda, and will see them this Wednesday in St. Catharine’s with support from Æpoch.  You can check out 2017’s mind bender “Underneath A Melting Sky” and this year’s monster “Clockwork” below if you haven’t heard of this great band.  But I have a feeling a good amount of death metal fans have….enjoy either way!




Abnormality has been a force in death metal for about a decade or so, give or take.  I was sucked in years after they released their monstrous album “Contaminating The Hive Mind” in 2012.  I listened to the album not too long ago maybe 4 years ago give or take? They were recording a new album which ended up being the great 2016 banger “Mechanisms Of Omniscience”.  Both albums started my obsession with this band, and damn they’re basically perfect.  Their latest release from this year “Sociopathic Constructs” is probably their best release to date to be honest. Every album has gotten better, and are a huge band to watch right now.  Just like Inanimate Existence, they go against the grade of death metal as far as songwriting goes.  There’s meaning behind their art, and it’s great.  It’s been a dying wish of mine to see them live and pretty confident it’ll happen sooner than later.  Everything about the band impressed me right away, and it’s been an endless pit of this band when I need some killer straightforward death metal.  The latest release has been on my rotation for the last few weeks and grows on me more every time.  You can check out the brutality of their last two releases below and see why I feel the way I do about this band.  One of my favorite bands I’ve known of recently, and blossoming their way to my favorites of all time.  Enjoy!


A straight up brutal death metal band has sent me into a wild chase with their debut album “Domain Of The Wretched”.  These guys have slightly modernized death metal to the nth degree and have me hooked.  Their meaty riffs, grooves and awesome vocals of Alex Paul roped me in.  I’ve only known of this band for no more than 2 years when they recently signed to Unique Leader Records to re-release their debut album.  I always come back to this band for when I want some stellar death metal.  Their brutality and slams are a great up & coming band in the death metal scene, most recently proved by the awesome chance of touring with a wild lineup for the autumn tour of Bloodletting (Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge and Continuum are some of the bands Organectomy is touring with on that amazing bill).  The upcoming record “Existential Disconnect” is a stellar one at that, and goes even further back to their classic brutal death metal influences.  Don’t worry, I have an article coming out within the week on that smasher as well.  Matti Way made his nasty vocal appearance on the first single from the upcoming album “Unending Regrowth”.  I’m gonna try to catch the lads on the Bloodletting Tour as it’s hitting up Toronto which is the closet it’ll be to Buffalo/Rochester, so maybe I’ll try to spend the weekend there? We’ll see.  Bring your slam hammer for this one, you’re going to want to bust some shit up.



Staten Island’s potent new-ish group provides a little more variance to death metal than some bands.  It’s a bit more technical and equally as groovy, and you fall into an endless pit of insanity over a stellar group.  The band snuck its latest release “Arcane Dominion” onto my 2018 best of list.  I’ve known this band about the same time period as Organectomy, so I’m still newer to this band as well…..it’s that fresh.  And their sound is exactly that….fresh.  It’s modernized with some slams, and their guitar riffs are more diverse than most death metal bands.  They’re so good you can’t let them pass you by with how many death metal bands there are.  All I had was their 2017 release “Headfirst Into The Void”.  I can’t pinpoint everything because it’s all great…..the vocals, guitars, even the drumming is basically perfect.  Listen to both beasts below and tell me you’re not addicted.  I think these guys are underdogs in extreme metal and I love underdogs.

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