Death Metal

The Ritual Aura Official Song Premiere “Keening 1:/Psijic/Chim”

We are back again with more The Ritual Aura treats! We’ve ran a new song “Elysian Flesh-Divinity” and a guitar playthrough of “Red Year & The Fall”.  We’re kinda like the official unofficial promoting machine for TRA? Kinda? Well either way we have a banger of a track for you fiends to sink your teef into.  This wildly heavy, melodic and prog track invokes a lot of emotion.  In it’s 4:30 run time there’s all sorts of mood changes and insanity.  Nick Padovani slaps a guitar solo in here, Ryan Cho did the violin/viola, Adrianna Tentori made a guest vocal appearance and Nate Miller had an ERHU solo towards the middle as well! Check out this amazing song below, preorders are also going live shortly so hold onto your butts you impatient freaks! It’s gonna be a great ride!


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