Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 5-16-19

We are back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! TMR hopes you have been discovering some new bands through this weekly article, and in general. Check out some of the past bands right here before you dive into this week’s music!


I saw Rochester’s instrumental prog fusion band open up for the legendary Consider The Source last Friday.  There were vocals at random points in their great tracks, but not enough to be truly instrumental.  The music was layered greatly with keyboards and electronic samples (including drums as well) to change up their sound.  Haewa was an amazing surprise, and on a rare moment didn’t look up the bands before a show.  I was led to an amazing surprise and a great fusion of sounds.  Check out the band’s latest release “Floating At The Bottom”.



Russia is becoming a hot spot for death metal.  Katlapesy have four albums to date, and damn are they ever stellar.  This band has been on my playlist consistently for the last few weeks and felt like including them in this week’s article if you’re not familiar with them.  Everything about them is great, and are kinda old school sounding.  If you dig death metal…you’ll love them.  If you like classic death metal, it’s really up your ally.  Check out their latest brutal release “Gravenous Hour” from 2016.  Let’s hope there’s more new music from Katalepsy on the horizon.



This great French technical death metal band released one of my favorite records from 2018.  “Molten Giant” was one of the most under appreciated albums from last year.  It’s their greatest release to date with superior compositions.  Awesome guitar work, vocals and the rhythms are even wilder.  These guys are truly great and definitely don’t get enough love.  Here at TMR, we fucking LOVE Exocrine.  Check out “Molten Giant” below and try not to lose too much of your shit….okay?



I discovered these guys a few years ago, and also saw them at the now defunct Waiting Room in downtown Buffalo.  This instrumental progressive band is truly unique.  They’re very cinematic, which makes them very original…..a lot of melody, and their songs are wilder movie scores to the nth degree.  I was drawn to their sound with the great riffs and layered music.  Earthside recruited a few guest vocalists including Bjorn from Soilowork, Dan of Tesseract, Lajon of Sevendust and Eric of Face The King.  Their mind blowing debut “A Dream In Static” can be jammed below to pleasure your earholes.  They’ve been working on a follow up for almost 2 years now and am sure it will be just as great.  Forced art doesn’t always end well, so let them take their time into crafting another masterpiece.

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