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Vick Sacha

Fields of Elysium; “In Ancient Contemplation”

FFO: Inanimate Existence, Spectrum of Delusion, First Fragment (with a little extra chaos) Santa Fe techdeath outfit Fields of Elysium are back with their second LP, In Ancient Contemplation, and by god I can’t wait for you to hear how incredible it is. Though admittedly on their part, […]


The Gospel of Tech Death: II

I think it’s pretty well established who the “Big Four” are. But like, aren’t they all thrash bands or something? Well whatever. I think for this Gospel, I’d like to go through a few candidates for the “Big Four” of techdeath. I also think that it’s pretty safe […]

ICYMI; Lecherous Nocturne with Olkoth

TLDR; this show ruled, it would’ve ruled even harder if you were there. I promised myself I wouldn’t go on a tangent about the poor attendance, and I plan on keeping that promise (for this article, anyway). But really, y’all missed a gnar death metal show. Each band […]


I tried remembering the first time I heard Coheed and Cambria, but it was so long ago that it’s been lost to memories accumulated since. I do remember getting In Keeping Secret of Silent Earth: III for Christmas the year it came out, along with I think Motion […]