Logical Terror, “Transition”

FFO: Periphery, After the Burial, Tesseract; djenty, groovy, and symphonic with some metalcore influence (but don’t think metalcore is a bad thing)

Italy’s “symphonic djent” quintet Logical Terror will be releasing a new single and video this Friday, May 31, and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a super sneak listen to get that hype trail rolling.

“Transition” is the follow up single to “Nightmare“, released late in 2018.

Aside from a brief ambient intro, Logical Terror waste no time suckerpunching you with a groovy riff and some almost painful sounding but well executed mid range harsher yells (“acid scream”). But don’t worry, there are plenty of gutturals if “acid screams” aren’t your thing.

As I once was the purveyor for both “no clean singing” and “no two vocalists” (and still kind of am), I find myself stumped with Logical Terror. I still don’t know if two vocalists are required, but the addition of clean singing certainly adds to the more metalcore vibe to the track. And it gives you a solid singalong opportunity for when you’re jamming this with the windows rolled down this summer.


Aside from the interesting vocalist situation, the sheer grooviness throughout the song takes precedence. It’s pretty tough not to headbang along with the riffage and drumwork.  The symphonic elements Logical Terror brings with them aren’t so prominent in “Transition” like they are in some of their older material, but I am interested to hear them incorporate more of that in the future.

L to R: Warren Gnudi, drums; Julius Morse Sic, vocals; Claudio Corvo Mulas, guitar; Emiliano Gozzi, vocals; Simone Clementi, guitar

All in all, if Periphery were a beer, I believe Logical Terror would be a “Periphery Lite”. Both “Transition” and “Nightmare” are a solid continuation of the fusion of styles that Logical Terror bring together, but also exhibits the progression of the maturity of their writing. With two new singles out, I can only wonder when the next album release will be; it would be most wise to keep an eye and ear out for stuff like that.

Of course, you can jam all of Logical Terror’s discography on ye old BANDCAMP. And don’t forget! The full track and video for “Transition” drop on friday! Keep your eyes open for that aswell!

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