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Backstabber showcase “Geo Engineering” off upcoming album

Death Metal outfit BackStabber have unveiled a wild and heavy new track “Geo Engineering” off their pending release “Conspiracy Theorist”. The band released this lyric video today through No Clean Singing.  It’s a wild and heavy straightforward death metal anthem, with some sweet rhythms.  The guitar solo is pretty melodic and the drumming is pretty stellar.  It’s a shorter 3 and half minute offering that makes you crave a lot, lot more.  The vocals are absolutely top notch, and very steady on “Geo Engineering”.  I’m very excited for the record, as this is the first track I’ve heard from it.  Check out the rest of their tunes and preorder this diamond in the rough at their band camp.  “Conspiracy Theorist” will be out February 15th on many digital and streaming platforms. Enjoy this track metalheads! And don’t forget to support the small guys! Cheers!

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