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Ashen Horde share “Profound Darkness” new album “Fallen Cathedrals” Out March 22nd

Progressive Blackened Death Metal Band Ashen Horde have dropped a new sound titled “Profound Darkness”.  It’s a raw black metal sound, WITH SOME SINGING! I haven’t heard Steve sing, and man he actually isn’t that bad! Kinda weird hearing a guy that’s growled and then he unleashes clean singing…..euphoric and surprising in the same vein.  Steve Boiser has been in Vale Of Pnath, is currently in InferiEquipoise, Tethys and also this project Ashen Horde.  Stevie boy is a busy dude! Let’s talk about the other half of this brilliant project Trevor Portz…..dude can riff like no other, and the drums are solid.  What I really dig is this isn’t a stereotypical black metal band….there’s some prog influences to break it up, if you’re not a big black metal fan.  Freshly signed to Mandol Records, I can’t wait to see what’s up with the guys. Shows? Better reach? I’m very interested in this project and curious to see where it goes.  Love the track, good job dudes! Don’t forget to support the band and preorder the album! Cheers!

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