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Inferi- Revenant

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Inferi’s Revenant is exactly what their album cover depicts…’s a behemoth of an album ready to kick anyone’s ass in 2018. No lies, this record is awfully impressive and would be a shame to see it not get any serious press. Nothing against their first two albums they’re great and I still love them……Revenant also seems to have a bigger maturation to it than their first two albums, if you get my drift. The production and songwriting is much better. I think this is definitely the album to toot your horn about and never shut up about.  I think I listened to the album 3 or 4 times before its official release day April 20th which is today.

What makes Revenant stand out from “Path of Apotheosis” and “The End Of An Era”? Quite possibly, everything…..Malcom’s shredding never gets old. I think the guy’s songwriting and guitar playing has consistently improved for years now. His guitar leads are very well thought out that the melody carries over note by note, and not playing obnoxiously fast every guitar solo that pops up.

The addition of Sam Schneider on vocals makes this band even heavier…..his enthusiasm and intensity makes Inferi that much greater and a bigger underdog for the metal scene. I’m so excited for the guys touring with Alterbeast again, as well as opening for Rivers of Nihil during their summer tour! I want this band to desperately get out of the woodwork and really show the metal world what it’s been missing. I wish them all the best for the Revenant album release and summer tour.


The orchestral and synthesizer/keyboard elements make the songs on Revenant much more interesting than they already are….I’ve been becoming a bigger fan of soundscapes and songs as a whole rather than constantly breaking something down part by part. As a whole, every song is engaging and layered masterfully.

Another killer thing about Inferi? They never slack in the art department. Tell me that cover doesn’t rule….just tell me. This band’s creativity has no boundaries.  James Malone’s guitar contributions on “Through The Depths” enhance the song to a totally new level. Trever from the Black Dahlia Murder also makes an amazing guest appearance as a vocalist on “Behold The Bearer Of Light”. Every track is great, and flows well from the opening track “Within The Dead Horizon” to the last song.

Revenant is out now, so go buy it you fools. If I couldn’t convince or entice you their music better.



Inferi current band photo 2018

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