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Equipoise reveal “new” single “Alchemic Web Of Deceit” from upcoming album Demiurgus

So if you chodes don’t already know Equipoise is releasing a new album in March and can check out the first single right before the end of this sentence.  Now the wild Equiboiz have now released a “new” song. I put that in quotations because some of the tracks on “Demiurgus” are from their EP, just redone and sound much better!  “Alchemic Web Of Deceit” is one of those songs from the EP, and I have to agree it sounds so much better.  With more love applied to the old songs, it sounds worlds better than the original versions from a few years ago.  Enjoy the song folks if you haven’t heard Equipoise before and don’t forget to check out the first single! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

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