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Stelios Gatziolis- Sphere Of Resonance

Stelios Gatziolis released an EP recently titled “Sphere Of Resonance” and also had DEREK SHERINIAN (ex Dream Theater) play keys on one of his songs! Well…..if that’s any indication of what’s to come, then you should know if he stamped his name on this project it’s gonna be solid.  This is the instrumental brainchild of the aforementioned Stelio’s Gatziolis who is a pretty solid guitarist.  His style is very melodic which sure as heck isn’t a bad thing.  He can play faster when he has to, but I have the notion he’s not in music to show off.  He has a whole lot of soulful leads to keep you occupied on this 4 track EP clocking in just over 15 minutes.  Do I REALLY need to comment on how stellar Derek’s keyboard playing is (most people know that by now….I hope)? Well, incase you didn’t know it’s pretty powerful and stands out on the track he played on titled “Doomgazer”.

I think it’s a solid EP, especially as a debut.  I don’t know of the gentlemen’s plans if he’s gonna get a band together and play shows, or keep it as a studio project that I cannot confirm for you curious people. The drumming is pretty good, and the rhythms are pretty engaging when it gets heavier.  Gatziolis set out to write SONGS, not showcase his awesome guitar talent and let it clog everything else in the song.  He wrote FULL songs, not mindless guitar wankery covering up everything in every song.  Many potentially great songs in this instrumental style turn off people if it sounds like a guitarist running through scales and practicing.  In this case, it is anything but that thankfully! What I can confirm is its only a measly 4 euros on his band camp which is NOT THAT MUCH translated to the American Dollar.  You can stream the EP at that link and decide for yourself.


Check out the track featuring Sherinian right here!

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