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Ashen Horde releases “Parity Lost” from upcoming album

Black Metal duo Ashen Horde have released another stellar single from their upcoming album “Fallen Cathedrals” titled “Parity Lost”.  We’ve already experienced the insanity of “Profound Darkness”, and now get ANOTHER single to sink our teeth into! This track is slightly longer at over 7 and a half minutes, and is equally as explorable than “Profound Darkness”.  The choruses are just as melodic, and the verses have a huge black metal influence musically and vocally.  I actually can’t decide what track I like more, but heck it’s going to be on one album so what’s the big deal?

I’m picky about black metal influenced bands, especially vocally…..and sometimes the production.  I can dig some garage sounding albums or EP’S, I think its a nice change from the produced sound if that raw and underproduced sound actually fits the band.  In this case however, the production is stellar and with their more expansive sound they NEEDED a good production job.  The mix is pretty good with Steve’s vocals as well, that’s the problem I have sometimes with mixes.  Sometimes they’re too present that they drown out the other instruments and vocalists (if there’s any others).  It’s up loud enough to where it sits perfectly in the song.  Great music is even better with a stellar production, and this catapults their sound to even greater realms.  Enjoy “Parity Lost” and don’t forget the album drops March 22nd! Cheers!


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