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Vale of Pnath is December’s 2018 Band Of The Month!



Well howdy folks! Time for the last feature of 2018 and I summon VALE OF PNATH! I’ve been into Vance Valenzuela’s band for a few years now and despite the wild number of lineup changes the man has impressively kept his band together.  The melodic technical death metal band is out of Colorado and has branched out from their original death metal sound to more prog and tech realms in their most recent efforts….by the way I am proud to share that the band finished recording a new album! In case you didn’t know, they happened to bang that out before supporting The Faceless on their Planetary Duality 10th anniversary tour (being the huge Michael Keene fan that I am….let’s hope for many people’s sakes The Faceless doesn’t drop off).


If you want to make an attempt to go to these shows…..that’s at your own discretion.  It’s good to see Keene showing up, hopefully making positive changes.  Now let’s see some consistent shows and great outcomes for the sake of his band.


I don’t know how I found out about Vale of Vance….er Vale of Pnath.  I stumbled across this great band somewhere but don’t remember where or how.  I’m just lucky as hell that I did, and know of the Pnath.  Vance’s band deserves a lot more recognition starting with the wild and impressive library of his band, let alone the perseverance to keep his band going and never giving up.  Overall they’re a band that is full of potential and a force to be reckoned with.  I hope more people check out VOP as a result of this and if you have already heard their music and know of them then you’re a smart chap.


Now I will leave you with my favorite Vance song “Blacker Than”.  The latest album is my favorite, but I can’t be blamed as that was the first record I checked out by Vale Of Pnath. Stay tech my friends!


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