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Anomos The Cult Of Pandora Official EP Stream


Aonomos is a great groove metal band with some death metal influences here and there from Edinburgh.  “The Cult Of Pandora” is coming out December 3rd, with the band playing a release show on November 24th right before it’s release day.  If you like a little Mastodon technicality mixed in with some speed and occasional Meshuggah groove Anomos will make you all warm inside that body of yours.  There is also plenty of guitar melody that is slightly reminiscent of the 1990’s melodic death metal movement in Sweden.  Check out the EP right below and see for yourself!


The Cult Of Pandora

1. Imps

 2. The Cult Of Pandora

3. Steel Of A Martyr

4. Pinion Ether 


 The Cult Of Pandora

 Steel Of A Martyr

 Pinion Ether


Vocals: Tam Taylor

Guitar: Fraser McLeish

Bass/Vocals: Rob Iredale

Guitar/Vocals: Cal McKinlay

Drums: David Taylor

Anomos 26012018 gig

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