Infinite Nomad premieres debut song “Luminous Throat”


Coma Cluster Void’s Jeanne Strieder and Sylvia Hinz have launched their extra weird microtonal death metal band Infinite Nomad debuting their single “Luminous Throat”.  Accompanying the guitarist and bassist in the band is Lee Fisher and Eeli Helin of the band Fawn Limbs.  This is what I live for….the odd and unusual.  Death metal is such a predictable genre not just CCV but now Infinite Nomad is really trying something totally messed up it’ll make all the normies go back to their mommies with their blankies in hand sobbing like there’s no tomorrow.  There’s no consistency, the track is full of chaos and so much is crammed into the track that is slightly under 3 minutes long.

This will make your average musician or music lover uncomfortable but you know what? I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT! I credit the band for trying something new, weird, and out of the norm.  If this wild, chaotic mashup of music is any indicator I think the metal world is in for one hell of a treat if you’re sick of the same regurgitated styles.  I hope everyone enjoys this killer song, and tries something new.  Thank you to the band for such a sweet ass song!  Cheers mates!




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