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Mind’s Doors- The Edge Of The World

The Edge of the World cover


Mind’s Doors recently released their progressive melodic rock opus “The Edge Of The World” and it really shreds.  It’s a true prog a thon, with some long tracks and mind blowing compositions.  There are lots of great keyboard parts that bring out their melodic parts more and really create amazing soundscapes.  The guys really wrote a great album won’t get the credit they truly deserve.  If you like classic prog rock and metal mixed in with your shred you’ll love Mind’s Doors.


1. A Warm Nest

2. Hollow Days

3. Koma

4. Sweet Dreams

5. The Light

6. Endless Nights

7. Victoria

8. The Edge of the World




Alberto Abeledo Guitars
César Alcaraz Vocals
Jose Bernabeu Drums
Marcos Beviá Keyboards
Eloy Romero Bass
Mind's Doors official pic
The band’s heavier side gets as loud as Dream Theater or Symphony X, so you old chaps don’t have to worry about any gutturals or blast beats.  The band’s body of work on “The Edge Of The World” is awfully impressive.  It invokes a lot of emotion and many melodic instrumental breaks.  I think these guys and Fractal Cypher would make a great tour combination…….hint, hint.  Cesar’s vocals are very powerful yet can be very calm.  Alberto’s guitars soar throughout this beautiful album and sound even better when Marcos’ keyboards kick in on all the melodic sections.  It’s a very enjoyable album with great flow and lots of energy.  Mind’s Doors are so diverse their voices need to be heard! Check these guys out!

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