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Logical Terror Debuts new song “Nightmare”


Orchestral Melodic Metallers Logical Terror recently released their latest banger “Nightmare”.  It’s a sweet mix of modern melodic metal with orchestral elements, keys and relentless riffing.  With Arch Enemy dead (to me at least), we need more bands of a similar vein. Once Human really does it for me, who I believe is working on new music.  Logical Terror will help you scratch that itch and bring you to a full fledged assault.




Emiliano Gozzi – Vocals
Julius Morse Sic – Vocals
Claudio Corvo Mulas – Guitars
Simone Clementi – Guitars
Warren Gnudi – Drums


Both vocals are great between Julius and Emiliano.  I love the growls, and sweet switch up on the singing when it happens.  It’s almost melodic death metal at certain points.  I’m really intrigued by Logical Terror now, and I think you all should be as well. Give them a shot!




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